R-Store is your store and R-People make the difference!

Customer Service, Cleanliness, and Convenience
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R-Store prides itself on Customer Service, Cleanliness, and Convenience throughout our Wisconsin locations. That means clean restrooms, friendly associates, and the products and services you need at a reasonable price. We genuinely believe that R-Store is your store, and R-People make the difference! We invite you to stop in and have a cup of coffee with us at one of our many locations.

We look forward to meeting you!

America's #1
made-to-order and by-the-slice pizza
Hunt Brothers pizza slice

Riiser Fuels

We have over 50 locations throughout Wisconsin!

Gift Cards

R-Store gift cards are great for anyone!

Car Washes

Keep your vehicle looking its best!

R-Store Pride Pumps

R-Store donates 2¢ per gallon pumped to your local school district!

Our Community

Locally operated since 1945 providing support to many in the area!

Pet Wash

We have two locations with self serve pet washes!

Our Fuels

BP gasoline with Invigorate®.

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Pick 'N Save Fresh Perks

When you use your Pick 'n Save Fresh Perks card at participating Amoco or BP stations, you can save up to $1 off per gallon of fuel!

Community Involvement

Riiser Fuels, LLC (Riiser Fuels) is a locally operated business with a philosophy that includes community involvement. Since 1945, Riiser Fuels has been proud to call Wisconsin home – and we’re pleased to give back to the community by providing support to many organizations and causes in our area.