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Origin means that these coffees come direct from the source, whether it be a country, region, or estate. These coffees are pure examples of what their name indicates. These origin beans are roasted to perfection, base on the optimal roast style demanded by the particular origin.

Coast Rican Gourmet Coffee

Costa Rican:
Grown in the lush soil of central Costa Rica, this unique coffee hails from one of hte greatest coffee growing countries in the world. Prized for its unique fruity charactoristics, this coffee is taken to a pleasing medium roast to enhance the sweet flavor

Guatemalan Gourmet Coffee

The rich soil and ideal climate conditions in Gauatemala make this delicious and complex cup. We take these beans to a smooth, rich toast to bring out the highly prized flavors in each bean.

Colombian Gourmet Coffee

Drawn from some of the finest coffee plantations in Colombia - this origin coffee is taken to a bold dark roast to result in a full-flavored cup with great body.

African Sunrise Gourmet Coffee

African Sunrise:
We have blended the bright flavors of Ethiopian coffee with the smooth and sweet flavors from Latin American beans to create this truly unique cup. Taken to a dark roast profile this cup is sure to please.

Rstore Guarantee

The 'R' Guarantee ensures you will enjoy your coffee experience whether it's the same great blend you've come to love or venturing out to a new one.

From Seed to Cup

From Seed to Cup

All of our coffees are prepared with a constant focus on the taste in the finished cup. From the momment the coffee tree is planted it is meticulously tended to ensure a good harvest. Each tree is hand-picked numerous times; only the ripe cherries are selected on each pass leaving hte unripe ones to continue developing until ready.

Our Coffees are then roasted in our patented convection roasting system. This process ensures that each bean is roasted evenly throughout. Unlike traditional roasting methods that can sometimes burn beans or leave them under-roasted, this air-roasting process leaves nothing behind but smooth rich flavor.