About Riiser Fuels, LLC

Riiser Energy

Company Mission

Our company mission is to provide the ultimate buying experience to our customers by providing quality products and services beyond expectations.

Company Overview and History

Riiser Fuels, LLC (Riiser Fuels) began in Wausau, Wisconsin in 1945 by Arthur B. Riiser, who was later joined by his son Tom Riiser. Tom Riiser took over the business in 1958 and operated what was then known as Riiser Energy for the next 40 years.

In 1999, Tom Riiser made the decision to retire and sold the business to Richard (Dick) Dudley and James Kemerling on June 30, 1999. Dick became Chairman of the Board, and Jim, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dick and Jim quickly assessed the future of the Company and knew that profitable growth and expansion were keys to continued success. In November of 1999, they acquired Carlson-Thaler Oil Company to support the local, tank wagon segment of the company. They also began negotiations with Fermanich Fuel Company and Big Red Trucks, located in Antigo, Wisconsin. On February 1, 2000, those companies were folded into the Riiser organization and presence in Central Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was significantly enhanced.

When Dick and Jim first evaluated the Company, they determined that there was an opportunity to develop a very strong, profitable entity, but to do so, specific volume levels needed to be attained. Consolidation of administrative functions at a central point, with operations throughout the immediate geographic area was the perfect combination. The Carlson and Fermanich/Big Red “pieces” were significant, as was Schroeder Oil, Inc. in Tigerton and its sister company Delzell Oil in Stevens Point. Those two companies owned by Ralph Schroeder, had a fifty-four year legacy that also included the Mobil and Amoco brands, which made them a perfect fit. Simultaneously, an opportunity to acquire a truck stop was presented and discussions began with the owners of that entity.

The start of the new millennium had manifested itself at Riiser Energy with the acquisition of the Prentice Travel Center in Prentice, Wisconsin, effective February 22, 2001, and the completion of the Schroeder/Delzell purchase on March 8, 2001. These two additions significantly filled in the Riiser territory map.

Included in the Fermanich Fuels/Big Red Trucks acquisition were two dealer locations, Crossroads Mobil and the Highway 51 Truck Stop, both owned and operated by the Kopplin family. In 2001, Kopplin's sold their business to Riiser Energy which added two more quality operations to the chain including the Hwy 51 Truck Stop Restaurant.

While the management staff worked to bring locations from many geographical territories under one umbrella, it became evident that the stations now owned and operated by Riiser Energy needed an identity. During the summer of 2004, the convenience stores were “re-branded” with the “R-Store” name and logo which was used to identify our stores. The addition of the R-Store name and logo helped identify the Riiser Energy owned stores and was used to aid in marketing and brand recognition.

In October of 2005, another acquisition was completed when Riiser Energy purchased the Edgar and Marathon Corner Marts from Elwood Mason. 2005 also concluded with the sale of two business units; Boondocks Bar & Grill (formerly Prentice Restaurant), which was leased to the manager and the Lubricants division, which was sold to Bob Johnson Lubricants.

In 2006, 2 new state-of-the-art convenience stores were built, one located in Plover and the other on the North side of Wausau. Both locations offer car washes as well as food offerings leased to other operators.

In October of 2006, another convenience store was leased in Mosinee near the Central Wisconsin Airport and this location is also the home of the Mosinee Subway. Also in late 2006, R-Diesel was opened, which is a card-lock location in the Wausau West Industrial Park. The location offers only diesel fuel to the local companies 24/7.

In June of 2017 Riiser Energy entered into another exciting phase in its history. Then owners Jim Kemerling and Dudley Investments made the decision to sell the company to new owners who have a passion for the industry. From that point forward Riiser Fuels, LLC was born and continues forward in its success and focus in local communities.

Retail Gas Division

The Retail Gas Division contains many convenience stores across the state that sell motor fuel (gasoline & diesel) and convenience merchandise. These locations are all branded Mobil, Cenex, or BP. Their merchandise offerings include tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, soda, dairy products, candy, and snacks, as well as general merchandise and lottery ticket sales. All locations have a hot beverage service that includes coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino.

R Store Gas Station

Travel Center Division

The Travel Center Division operates three full service travel centers that sell motor fuel and convenience merchandise. These locations are branded BP and Cenex and are located in Wittenberg, Prentice, and Merrill, WI. Additionally, these locations cater to the over-the-road truck trade with showers and a driver's lounge. Their merchandise offerings include the same product mix as the convenience stores, with additional emphasis on items desired by truckers (truck accessories and amenities like CB radios). These facilities are open 24 hours.

Retail Dealer Division

The Retail Dealer Division services many branded and unbranded fuel retailers who own and operate their own facilities. These independent businesses include convenience stores, full service fuel and repair facilities, and travel centers. In addition to supplying petroleum products to these businesses, the staff act as business counselors and as liaison between the branded supplier and the independent dealer.

Tankwagon Division

The Tankwagon Division handles deliveries of home heating oil as well as gasoline and diesel fuel to agricultural, commercial and industrial accounts. Eight tankwagon trucks load products at our bulk plants or at the terminal for delivery to the end user. Deliveries are dispatched from our Annex office in Wausau.

Transportation Division

The Transportation Division hauls the fuels sold by Riiser Fuels, LLC. They pick up fuels from the supplier terminals located in Green Bay, Junction City, Superior, and Chippewa Falls and deliver it to retail locations, the bulk plant or sometimes, directly to the customer's tank.