Riiser Fuels, LLC Fleet Fueling Card

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The R-Store Fleet Fueling Card
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R-Store Does It Right

  • No Monthly Cost
  • Monthly Expense Breakdown
  • Security
  • Restrictions for Different Cards
  • Odometer Entry
  • Vehicle or Drive Entry
  • Volume Discounts
  • Locations Throughout North Central Wisconsin
Rstore, fleet card

The R-Store Fleet Fueling Card

Convenience Has Its Rewards

Detailed billing of your purchases is available with the R-Store Fleet Fueling card. A breakdown of your fleet expenses will allow you to manage your business more efficiently by monitoring fuel costs. Additionally, a competitive fuel discount is available to customers based upon the volume of fuel purchased each month. Call for details.

It's The Free and Easy Card

There is no monthly cost associated with the R-Store Fleet Fueling card. Reports breaking down your monthly expenses by driver or vehicle are also free. Just like any card it's easy to use, and at some of our locations pay-at-the-pump capability is also available.

Secure Way to Manage Your Expenses

Restrictions can be placed on the card limiting purchases to just fuel, or even certain grades of fuel. Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) can also be assigned to the cards offering yet another level of security. An odometer prompt can also be requested along with a request for a driver or vehicle number. The card offers a range of options from no restrictions, to heavily restricted. It's up to you the customer to determine how the card should be used.

Rstore fleet fueling card

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