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Riiser Fuels, LLC (Riiser Fuels) is always looking for enthusiastic and dependable people that share our Core Values and the joy of helping others. Within our organization, we have valued team members working in different business divisions to include:

  • R-Store Convenience Stores
  • Riiser Fuels, LLC - Corporate Support Center

Please apply in person today at any R-Store location, or at our Support Center.

R-Store Opportunities

R-Stores are always busy, so each store needs people who want to work. With many R-Store locations throughout Wisconsin, often there is an R-Store located where you live, work, or school.


Full-time employment opportunities require associates to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, with flexible scheduling as well as the ability to work every other weekend. Full-time positions we frequently recruit for include:

  1. C-Store Manager - CSM
  2. Assistant Manager
  3. Shift Leader


Part-time employment opportunities are for the candidate seeking flexibility in their schedule and desiring a limited number of hours, generally not to exceed 29 hours per week.

  1. Customer Service Representative - CSR
  2. Assistant Manager at lower volume locations
  3. Cleaner


R-Store is very student friendly! High school and college students are an important part of the R-Store team, especially when students may work a flexible schedule.

Riiser Fuels, LLC Opportunities

Corporate Support Center

The Riiser Fuels, LLC Corporate Support Center is located in Wausau, WI. Just like our store operations, the support center personnel receive competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits.

Career Path

We strongly believe in promoting from within when possible based on the requirements of the position. Below is a list of staff and management positions currently filled by people who started working in a store:

  1. C-Store Manager
  2. Director of IT
  3. Pricebook Coordinator
  4. District Manager

R-Store Duties

Cash Flow Management

  1. Responsible for all cash including monies received and disbursed during the assigned shift in the form of cash, credit cards, or any other acceptable form of payment
  2. Ring up all sales showing amount due
  3. Ring up credit card sales and process credit cards according to company and credit card guidelines
  4. Make routine cash drops to safe
  5. Maintain a minimum cash drawer according to company policy
  6. Scan or ring up all merchandise

Housekeeping and Facilities Maintenance Duties

  1. Clean lot, including sweep parking lot, clean pumps, and fill windshield washer buckets
  2. Empty trash receptacles
  3. Pick up loose litter around the property
  4. Clean restrooms
  5. Sweep and mop inside the store
  6. Dust shelving, window sills, merchandise etc.
  7. Wash cooler doors, store doors, etc.
  8. Organize stockroom and cooler areas
  9. Stock shelves, coolers, fountain/coffee areas, etc.

Identification Security

  1. Secure proper customer identification as required by state and federal law on all restricted products, including: Tobacco, Alcohol, Lottery and other products

Core Values - Operational Excellence

When you join our team, you are expected to commit to following our Core Values as follows:

SALES FOCUS – Our primary focus is to be a sales driven Company. We accomplish that by focusing all efforts to the moment each sale is completed. Did we Greet the customer as they entered the store, have a clean store and clean restrooms for those customers, have a well-stocked store so each customer finds everything they need, have high margin impulse items near the checkout counter for extra sales, have clean pumps and fuel islands for our gas customers and Thank every customer when each sale is completed? By doing these things every day with every customer, we will maximimize our sales and enable our Company to grown and create more opportunity for all team members.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – Customer Service is number one in every division of our organization. Our customers ALWAYS come first and we make every effort to satisfy our customers to the best of our ability. After all, without customers we have no business.

PROFESSIONALISM – Professionalism is demonstrated in all divisions and levels of our business. Professionalism includes our verbal and nonverbal communication, our attire/uniform and the manner of our interaction with internal/external customers. Professionalism will be expressed at all times to achieve operational excellence.

INNOVATION – We will continually work towards being innovative in all areas of our business, to include technology, customer service, trend setting and marketing.

CLEANLINESS – We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our environments. This includes cleanliness of our uniforms, restrooms, eating areas and general shopping areas. By being focused on the cleanliness, customers will return time and again to patronize our establishments.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Positive attitudes are the core of every successful business. We will express positive attitudes to our internal and external customers and make Riiser Fuels, LLC an enjoyable place to visit and work.

RESPECT – Respect is defined as the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the rights, values, beliefs and property of all people. We will exercise respect within all levels of our organization to achieve operational excellence.

As a Riiser Fuels team member I will follow the GUEST Approach as outlined below:

  1. Greet each customer with a smile and positive, friendly greeting
  2. Understand the customer’s needs by actively listening and engaging with them
  3. Exceed their expectations and make eye contact with each customer
  4. Smile and Suggestively sell products to increase their buying experience
  5. Thank the customer each and every time and welcome them back again

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