About Us

R-Store prides itself in Customer Service, Cleanliness, and Convenience throughout our Fifty (50) Wisconsin locations. That means clean restrooms, friendly team members, and the products and services you need at a reasonable price. We truly believe that R-Store is your store, and R-People make the difference! We invite you to stop in and have a cup of coffee with us at one of our many locations. We look forward to meeting you!

Did you know that the R-Stores are only a part of a very large company?  In the Retail Dealer Division, Riiser Fuels, LLC supplies petroleum products to convenience stores who own and operate their own facilities.

The Tankwagon Division delivers oil to home heating customers, as well as gasoline and diesel fuel to agricultural, commercial, and industrial accounts.

The Transportation Division hauls the fuels sold by Riiser Fuels, LLC; picking up fuels from supplier terminals in Green Bay, Junction City, Superior, and Chippewa Falls. They then deliver it to retail locations, the bulk plant, or directly to the customer’s tank.

As you can see there are many aspects to Riiser Fuels, LLC all which work together to bring our customers quality products and services beyond their expectations. For more information on Riiser Fuels, LLC as a company or one of our divisions, please see www.myrstore.com for more details.